Quantum Code – Is it Legit or Scam?

Most people are having problems with how to manage their finances properly. Those who are truly desperate to make a lot of money turn to investing binary options since it is one of the forms of trading that has high returns. But this is only possible if your prediction is on the spot. It is a very risky form of trading, but if you know your basics right, you will have great returns. Some even say that binary options, traded at Banc de Binary, are similar to gambling. However, there are other beginners of binary options trading that got victimized with using an auto trading software called the Quantum Code.


What is the Quantum Code? It is a software designed in the same way that other binary options trading software does. The purpose of the software is to utilize the algorithm made by the trader in predicting and getting signals. The software will alert the user of any possible trade; then the trader will be the one to determine whether it is a good bet or not. There are also features in which it will do all the trading by itself, but with constant monitoring so as not to lose a lot of their investments. Among these binary options software, there are some of them that claim to make you millions every month just using it. The offer does sound too good to be true, but it has victimized a lot of investors anyway.

The software Quantum Code is a company of the same name by the owner and CEO Michael Crawford. He claims to be a wealthy man with millions in the bank and also a philanthropist. He even picked up a name for himself, known as the “Millionaire Trader” and the “wizard of Wall Street.” His name also got featured in one of the most popular magazines of all time, Forbes. These are all detailed in his video pitch as you enter the official website of the software.

But which part of the software is a scam? Scam software has common traits shared with each other. The first red flag is how they claim traders can earn millions from just using the software, especially when it is indicated with the figures $1,892,460. This is almost 2 million every month. This would only be understandable if you owned a lot of businesses and added to that you invest in stock markets, but generating almost 2 million per month from a single source is already screaming “scam”.

Experts have even done their research by finding out who truly is this Michael Crawford. It turns out that the guy of that name that is behind the company and software Quantum Code. There is a name like that working in the New York Times magazine, but his position is an editor. What’s more, he is not a philanthropist nor a famous millionaire. There is no address as to where the company is even doing its operations. If the address and contact number is non-existent, much less the man behind the operations is not even in the records, you can already tell that it is a scam.