Should You Trust Making Money Online with Quantum Code?

Many people these days are desperate to find better ways to make money. And this is possible if you trade and invest your money online. There are various investments worthy to pool your life savings in, but when you are in a hurry to make money, usually you end up being scammed. This happened to a lot of wannabe investors online that are in desperate need of cash and along the way they find something that can make the wealthy in a short amount of time. This is by using the Quantum Code, claimed to make you earn around $2 M each month just from your initial deposit of $250.

If you have been trading in binary options or have used several software to assist you in your trading, you must have at least met Quantum Code. This is a binary options auto trading software released recently by Michael Crawford. In their official website, where you can find a video explaining about their amassed wealth, he claims to be a popular millionaire and a philanthropist. He even added that he is known by different names, including “The nice and kind Rich Guy of the World”, “Millionaire Trader” and so on. It even has claimed that he also got featured in some of the most popular magazines such as Forbes. To further prove his claims, there are earning reports made every week. Many experts of binary trading options claim all of these to be fake.


How is this so? The video is a sales pitch to lure in traders of binary options, most especially the new ones. It has been confirmed that the binary options software is a scam since the video is already a giveaway from the start. The experts did not find any credible information or even an explanation as to how effective the software was. Micheal even mentioned that they are utilizing a revolutionary algorithm they named as NQS or the Near Quantum Speed technology when such things do not even exist. The guy is only using complex-sounding words to impress the viewers since there was nothing to explain what the algorithm is capable of.

What other giveaways are there about the software? The person named as Micheal Crawford does not even exist, at least as being a famous millionaire. From the video pitch, he mentioned that he was a very wealthy personality, featured on famous magazines like Forbes, yet his name could not be found online, much less in the archives of the magazine above. There was one match, a Michael Crawford working as an editor for the New York Times, yet he isn’t even a millionaire.

If you try even to check online, there is not even single return for a company called Quantum Code. There wasn’t even a business registered under that name, either. All of these things are already indications that the company and the software is a scam. We recommend Fintech –